Organizing a panel "Battling Deviance in State-Socialist East Central Europe" + presenting a paper Curing sex, strengthening the family. Psychiatric hospitals as sites for treating sexual deviance and dysfunctions in Normalization Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the Society for the Social Histroy of Medicine conference (Liverpool, UK; July 11-13, 2018) 

Sexology as social science. The intersections of expertise and the state changing the understanding of sexual deviance in state-socialist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the History of Recent Social Science workshop at the University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland; June 8-9, 2018)

Intimacy in state socialist Czechoslovakia. Changes in expert understanding of sexuality and gender – paper presented at the Canadian Association of Slavists Conference (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; May 26-28, 2018)

Fixing sex in a psychiatric ward. Learning heteronormativity and improving married life in late state-socialist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine Conference (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; May 26-28, 2018)

Sexual deviance and medical expertise. Shifting discourses at the time of Prague Spring, 1968 – paper presented at the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies Conference (Cambridge, UK; Apr. 13-15, 2018)

Organizing a panel "Sexuality and Expertise under State Socialism" + presenting a paper Until divorce do us part. Marriage troubles and the rise and fall of marital counseling in late socialist Czechoslovakia – presented at the European Social Science History Conference (Belfast, UK; Apr. 4-7, 2018)

The cornerstone of the state: Family in socialist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the "Disciplining the Modern Family: Gender, State, and Society" at the Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv, Israel; Dec. 26-29, 2017)

Changing the status of women. Wives and mothers immediately before and after a communist takeover – paper presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association (Montreal, Canada; Nov. 2-5, 2017)

Sexology shaping people's desires and selves in state socialist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the workshop "Sexologies et théories de la sexualité: traduction, appropriation, problématisation, médicalisation" organized by Réseau Sexologies européennes/European sexologies network (Paris, France; Oct. 30-31, 2017)

"Ženská otázka se změnila na dětskou otázku." Emancipace žen, institucionální výchova dětí a expertní diskurzy v Československu na přelomu 50. a 60. let 20. století ["The woman's question changed into a child's question." Women's emancipation, institutional childcare and expert discourses in Czecholsovakia at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s] – paper presented at the Historians' Association Conference at Palacký University (Olomouc, Czech Republic; Sept. 13-15, 2017)

"Difficult situation of an unmarried woman." Introducing abortion in state-socialist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the biennial conference organized by the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Conference (Bucuresti, Romania; Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2017)

How late socialism conditioned people for neoliberal social order. A case of Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the "On the other side and beyond" conference organized by the Centre for Independent Social Research (St. Petersburg, Russia; May 24-26, 2017)

Sex at a different time and place. Sexual therapies in 1970s Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the "Other Psychotherapies – across time, space, and cultures" (University of Glasgow, UK; Apr. 3-4, 2017)

Love as Discipline.  Sexologists advising married couples in Czechoslovakia during Normalization (1969-1989) – paper presented at the "Failing at Feelings. Historical Perspectives (1800-2000)" conference organized by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Berlin, Germany; Dec. 15-16, 2016)

“We won’t ban castrating pervs despite what Europe might think!” Czech medical sexology and the practice of therapeutics castration – paper presented together with Andrea Bělehradová at the Society for the Social History of Medicine Conference (University of Kent, Canterbury, UK; July 7-10, 2016)

Sex between health and pleasure. Sexology and the quest for the female orgasm in communist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the Eighth British-North American Joint Meeting of the British Society for the History of Science & the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science & the History of Science Society (University of Alberta, Canada; June 22-25, 2016)

Organizing a panel “Sexualities in 1950s East Central Europe” + presenting a paper How to build a society of equal sexes and how to shy away from it. Shifting expert discourses and policy measures in 1950s Czechoslovakia – presented at the European Social Science History Conference (Valencia, Spain; Mar. 30-Apr. 2, 2016)

Co-organizer of the  Sex and Sexuality in East-Central Europe, Past and Present. An Interdisciplinary Conference at the Central European University (Budapest, HU; Oct 16-17, 2015)

Sex backwards. Sexology and intimate life in communist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the European Sociological Association annual conference, RN23 Sexualities (Prague, CZ; Aug. 25-28, 2015)

Sexual deviance between biological and social causation. International approaches and Czechoslovak sexology in the 1960s and 1970s – paper  presented at the American Historical Association annual conference (New York, USA; Jan 2-5, 2015)

Sex, práce a rodina. Československá sexuologie v 50. a 70. letech [Sex, work, and the family. Czechoslovak sexology in the 1950s and 1970s] – paper presented at the conference Sexuality (Palacký University, Czech Republic; Oct. 9-11, 2014)

Expert networks and social reproduction in Czechoslovakia before and after 1989 – an intervention presented at the "1989: Thinking Revolution in East-Central Europe" conference organized by the Institute of Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Prague, CZ; Oct. 2-3, 2014)

Sexological Spring? The international gathering of sexologists in Prague in 1968 – paper presented at the Life Sciences conference (University of Pittsburgh, USA; May 15-17, 2014)

Now you see them, now you don't. Sexual deviants and sexological expertise in communist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the American Association for the History of Medicine conference (Chicago, USA; May 8-11, 2014)

Sex between the Public and Private. Expert discourses on sexuality in communist Czechoslovakia + organizer of the panel "Sexology and Sexual Science in Europe's East" at the European Social Science History Conference (Vienna, Austria; Apr. 22-26 2014)

Nejen sociologie. Sexuologie zkoumá a ovlivňuje sociální interakce za normalizace [Not only sociology. Sexology investigates and influences social interactions during the "normalization" period] – paper presented at the "Sociológia v ére normalizácie – program, funkcie, perspektívy" [Sociology in the normalization era – program, functions, perspectives] (Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia; Nov. 14-15, 2013)

Everything for the Couple. Sex therapy in Czechoslovakia during normalization – paper presented at the conference "From Moral Treatment to Psychological Therapies: Psychotherapeutics from the York Retreat to the Present Day" (University College London, Centre for the History of Psychological Disciplines, UK; Oct. 11-13, 2013)

From the emancipated woman to normalized family. Sexuality and political economy in a state socialist country – paper presented at the 108th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (New York, NY; Aug. 10-13, 2013)

Socialist person normalized. Sexological discourses in Czechoslovakia between the 1950s and 1980s – paper presented at the conference "From the New Socialist Person to Global Mental Health: the Psy-ences and Mental Health in East Central Europe and Eurasia" (University of Chicago, IL; Apr. 29-30, 2013)

Speaking of sex. Sexology and its influence on the politics of sexuality in communist Czechoslovakia – paper presented at the 14th Czech Studies Workshop (Columbia University, NY; Apr. 26-27, 2013)

seX is political. Politicizing discourses of sex education– paper presented at the 17th Annual Comparative Literature Intra-Student Faculty Forum (CLIFF) "X is Political" (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Mar. 28-29, 2013)

Sex ed under threat. Changing discourses on sexual education in Czech schools – paper presented at the midterm conference of the European Sociological Association, Research Network 23 "Sexualities" (Kingston University, UK; Jan. 14-15, 2013)

From information to emotion. (Dis)continuities in Czech sex education – paper presented at the Women & Society Conference (Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA; Oct. 19-20, 2012)